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I broke my leg this summer and had to take a 4 month leave, but the mental and emotional toll of hate crimes and human rights violations committed in and by the United States while I was recovering was harder to bear than being in a wheelchair for 3 months. As I child I was taught: “to whom much is given, much is expected.” A descendant of Jewish immigrants who fled persecution in Eastern Europe, I am devastated by news of the separation of families at the border, and the recent anti semetic shooting in Pittsburg. As a sex worker who enjoys a high level of privilege within my community, I feel compelled to use it to help sex workers who have been most directly impacted by SESTA. I have chosen the three organizations below because they are directly addressing these issues and others by providing practical support to those affected and fighting for a better world where people aren’t perscuted for their job, religion, country of origin, race, or gender identity. 10% of ticket proceeds will be donated in support of EACH cause, click for organization websites:





The winner will receive one 16 hour date with me (a $3500 value), or if preferred one 4 hour date and one 6 hour date, to take place between January 21st 2019 and January 20th 2020. All entrants will receive photos from an exclusive shoot. The date/dates can take place anywhere a US passport is accepted, however travel expenses for dates outside Atlanta are the winner's responsibility. 


1. Tickets are $150 each, unlimited tickets can be purchased through December 31st, 2018. The winner will be selected by scheduled online randomized drawing 12pm EST January 2nd, 2019. All entrants will receive access to via THIS GENERATOR by 8pm EST 1/1/2019 with a link to the drawing as proof of their entry and to see the result. A ticket number will be assigned to you for each entry you purchase that will correspond to the drawing.

2. Screening is not required to enter, however the winner must comply with and pass my screening process after the drawing if we have not already met. In the event the winner refuses or fails screening an alternate will be chosen via a new drawing and the original winner's entry cost will not be refunded. I retain the right to decline a meeting for any reason. 

4. A donation equal to 10% of the proceeds from the raffle will be made to each charity speficed above for a total of 30% of ticket sales. Confirmation of donations and amounts raised will be sent to all entrants no later than January 6th, 2019.

5. Tickets can only be purchased for yourself (if a couple, both parties must contact me prior to entry), not on behalf of someone else.

6. A photoshoot of no fewer than 10 photos will be completed and released to all entrants no later than March 31st, 2019. These photos will not be released to anyone else or publicly.  

7. Date(s) can take place anywhere in the US or in a country that accepts US passports. Travel and lodging outside of Atlanta, GA is the responsibility of the winner. 

8. Must be 21 or older to enter


for questions & tickets:


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