escort musings

In Praise of the Dinner Date

I make no secret of the fact that I adore extended dates. In my experience, the longer the date, the more datelike it feels. Today I want to highlight my love for the dinner date and why I think it's the perfect choice for your first time with a lady, especially if you have never had a companion date before.

The beauty of the dinner date (say 3-4 hours) lies in its holistic nature. By including a meal you are including conversation and often the chance to interact with your date in a public setting. I have had lovely multi hour dates that took place entirely in hotel rooms (room service is a beautiful thing) but there is something so exciting about meeting at a restaurant. I think it's because first dates do not usually begin in hotel rooms, but they do often begin at a hostess table. I truly relish dates that feel as natural and organic as possible, and meeting for dinner and progressing to a more private venue later in the evening fosters that feeling of excitement and adds a delectable tension.

While I think all suitors regardless of companion experience benefit from such an introduction I think it is particularly helpful for newbies. Again this is due to the natural feeling and progression of the date, everyone's been on a first date right? You sort of know what to expect and hope to act, it's exciting but familiar enough where you won't be critically nervous. And as I have said before, more time, whether you dine out or stay in, lessens the power of the clock and helps raise the date from a service to a treasured experience. I think we can all agree that is a coveted outcome indeed!