I love travel dates and am fortunate to have had many wonderful suitors whisk me away. However not being able to drive has prevented me from being able to connect with those who live within an easy drive of Atlanta but are in a location difficult to access by bus, A common conundrum in the Southeast. I am ecstatic to announce I have found a trustworthy driver willing to transport me anywhere within a 5 hour radius of Atlanta, longer drive negotiable on a case by case basis. Please see my Patronage page for more details. I have slightly altered my Fly Me to You policies as well.

I have been especially busy with personal things of late and while I’ve enjoyed the break am looking forward to getting back into my Ava groove. I have a few surprises coming up (don’t I always?) and can’t wait to share them with you. Until then my loves (or if you can’t wait, drop me a line and I can drop in on your doorstep)