Part Time Girlfriend

If you have met me at least twice, I offer special ongoing arrangements for dates of at least 2 hours. This is a great option if you want to infuse some regular fun and excitement into your routine and enjoy all the benefits of a loving girlfriend sans the stress. Basically how it works is you give a donation at the start of each month that covers a certain amount of time for that month. These dates can either be scheduled regularly (ie- Tuesdays at 7pm) or to accomadate your dynamic life. You get priority in scheduling and a discount off my regular rate, what's not to love? If what I outline below doesn’t exactly meet your needs I would be more than happy to tailor an arrangement specifically to you, please contact me for details.

Your Pick Me Up: $3000

You want an event to look forward to and put a spring in your step. If you crave just a bit of my time regularly this is the perfect way to combat the dreariness of Monday. Weekly two hour engagements. 

Your Weekly Escape: $4000

Meetings, long nights at the office, traffic and the stress of daily living. What’s a man to do to unwind? For those who want a relaxed evening or morning with me and a regular spot in your calendar marked as you time. Up to four hours a week spent any way you please.

Your Overnight Indulgence: $6000

My special favorite, weekly overnight respites, dinner and breakfast included! 8-12 hours (5 hours of sleep a must, we will need it!) a week of bliss. 

Your Maîresse-en-Titre: Please Inquire

You want me to be yours and on your time. This arrangement allows us to be off the clock almost entirely. I will set aside a certain amount of time each month expressly for you. The number of time is totally up to you and you will be my sole focus during it.

Your Co-Pilot: Please Inquire

You travel regularly and want some company or you live away from Atlanta but want to see me once a month or more? Your wish is my command good sir!