Brunette Independent Escort in Atlanta

Companionship dates

What masterpieces will we create together? Your patronage allows me to be my true, uninhibited self and focus my full attention on you during our time in each other’s company. $200 deposit required for dates with new suitors under 6 hours. 25% deposit required for all tour, travel and 6+ hour dates, the full amount can be processed for a 4% surcharge. Deposits can be taken electronically or mailed with enough notice. I’d be delighted to host at my cozy Atlanta haven or come to you in the metro area. OTP locations require additional travel fee and 2 hour minimum. Not in Atlanta? Check out my TRAVEL page for how to bring me to your doorstep! 

  • 1 hour Vignette: 600

  • 90 Minute Prologue: 750

  • 2 Hour Sketch: 900 (suggested minimum for first dates)

  • 3 Hour Short Story: 1200 (Couples minimum)

  • 4 Hour Novelette: 1500

  • 6 Hour Screenplay: 2000 (suggested maximum for first dates, but trust your intuition)

  • 8 Hour Novel: 2500

  • 14 Hour Bed Time Story: 3500 *Requires 7 hours of beauty rest

  • 24 Hour Masterpiece: 5000 **Requires 2 hours alone time to recharge per day

  • 2 Day Choose Your Own Adventure: 7500 **

  • 3 Day Saga: 10,000 **

  • 4+ Day Epic Fantasy: Inquire **

  • Bespoke arrangements: After we have built a strong chemistry I would love to discuss the possibility of a regular, ongoing relationship tailored to your schedule and desires. Requires a 3 month commitment, let’s dream up the details over dinner :)