Atlanta brunette GFE companion


Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with everything on this page before contacting me, I created it so our time together can be about connecting, not protocol. Prepare like you would for any date: shower, brush your teeth, wear something that makes you feel great. If I am coming to you, I will greet you and once we have said our hellos, excuse myself to the restroom. I will expect to find your ID and an unsealed envelope (your favorite book is a great alternative!) on the counter with my full patronage inside; I will return your ID after freshening up. If you are coming to me, after greetings place on a nearby table or counter along with your photo ID, then excuse yourself to the restroom to wash your hands. If we are meeting in public, kindly greet me with a hug then present me with a gift bag or card. Patronage is non negotiable, for my time only and should never be brought up outside of electronic payment arrangements. Please do not make me ask for it when we meet, it detracts from an organic experience. 

I can't wait to join you at your upscale hotel or residence in the Atlanta metro area (if you are OTP a travel fee may be required), or host in a cozy apartment in the city. A non refundable deposit must be received to get on my calendar for a first time engagement. As a professional who works hard to maintain a great reputation, this is done to ensure I can devote my time and energy to giving you the best experience. Please go HERE for more depth into why I require depositsThe full amount can be processed electronically prior to our date for a 4% surcharge, please let me know upon contact if you wish to use this method. Dates in the 4+ hour range should include time outside the room or room service; a bottle of wine to share is always appreciated no matter the duration (please wait until I arrive to open). Overnights require 7 hours of sleep and 24 hour+ dates require 2 hours to myself per day to recharge my introvert battery.

Commumication etiquette

I operate almost exclusively through email. The day of our date I will share my phone number for the purpose of communicating logistics unless you'd prefer to correspond via email only. All communication outside of the day of our date should be done via email unless we arrange a chat, I'm a much bigger fan of the occasional "Hey how are you doing?" email than text and check my email much more often. DO NOT share my number with anyone, including other companions. 


All travel dates require a 25% deposit plus travel expenses to get on my calendar. My set driving distance travel fees are all inclusive. If you wish to fly me to you please contact for a custom quote. 

Privacy Etiquette

Any information you share with my before, during and after our date will remain confidential, I expect the same. Please do not share any information I have not made public (i.e. my phone number) with anyone or anywhere. I am delisted from review sites by choice, read more about my reasons HERE.


If I have seen you 1-2 times I'm happy to vouch for you to other independent professionals for 6 months from our last date. Please email me to let me know who I should be hearing from, I will not reply to reference requests unless I get the okay from you out of respect for your privacy. If I have seen you 3+ times I will act as a reference for a year from our last date. I cannot accept agency references, nor will I act as a reference for one. 


Atlanta 3+ days before: Any deposit received can be applied to a date up to 3 months in future

2 days before: 25% of original booking (any deposit applied towards fee)

1 day before: 50% of original booking (deposit applied towards fee)

>12 hours before: 100% of original booking

Travel dates: Deposits for dates cancelled at least 1 week in advance will be held for three months less any expenses for a rescheduled date. 

If I have to cancel for any reason, your deposit will be refunded immediately unless you request it be kept on file for a future date. I will also offer extra time based on the original amount reserved should you choose to reschedule our rendezvous within 3 months of our original plan. 

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