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The Girl

Your Muse

 We can’t start our story until you know mine, so here is the quick and dirty version:

I was born in Miami, that bustling seaside metropolis atop a swamp that manages to be Northern Havana and South Brooklyn all at once. From there I developed a love for fresh off the tree mangos, Cuban coffee, the rustle of palm trees on a windy day, and the joy of blending cultures. Halfway through childhood I moved to the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee, where I honed a fondness for the slow, courteous rhythm of Southern life, quiet foggy fall mountain mornings, just the right amount of snowfall (6 inches), and a well made biscuit. I landed in Atlanta for college and this tropical flower turned Tennessee belle very much relished becoming a transplanted Georgia peach. Atlanta combines many aspects of South Florida and East Tennessee that I adore: the culture and diversity of a large city with the the ease and kindness of Southern hospitality. Despite not having mountains nor palm trees I know where to get a well made biscuit and café con leche. Atlanta has throughly won my heart and I love showing others its secret charms. Speaking of secrets…

I come off as politely reserved and cerebral to most I meet in my everyday life, yet as Ava I’m able to quickly connect and reveal my truest, most intimate self. Should we meet, you’ll find threads of playful sensuality interwoven with my intellectual nature. Depending on the shape our relationship takes you’ll unlock any of a number of facets of my personality, and perhaps a few of your own. A natural giver and empath, I’m skilled at holding space for these sorts of connections to manifest. Companionship is about discarding the roles daily life demands we play. Here, in a little hidden world only we can access, we can let the parts of ourselves we rarely show come to life. Casual can be anything but clinical when the chemistry is right. Tell me a secret, I’ll tell one of mine, and we can make a few more together.