brunette GFE escort and dinner companion in Atlanta

My story begins in early 2015. A couple years out of college, I found myself yearning for the level of intellectual engagement and personal growth my time at my academically rigorous and socially diverse liberal arts school facilitated. My post collegiate life had frankly, fallen short of my expectations. I've always been a bit of a rule breaker, not for the sake of being one but because rules often impeded what I wanted to achieve and experience. Which brings me to another reason for my discontentment: I felt a strong pull to change my life radically, to experience and nurture parts of myself I'd always acknowledged but never truly explored. I'd been a shy, studious girl who spent more time with books than boys as a teen. Not to say I wasn't interested in boys (and girls), quite a few books I enjoyed during my adolescence expanded my sexual knowledge and horizons. I explored a bit throughout college and my early 20s, but grew increasingly frustrated at the divide between the experiences I was having and the experiences I craved. 

Which brings me to the creation of Ava. My decision to become a companion happened, to quote a favorite novelist John Green, "slowly, and then all at once." I knew from a young age that I was drawn to people with great passion and intellectual curiosity. Often quiet around my peers I would open up to adults willing to talk with me about literature, history, astronomy, and the big questions of human existence. As an adult this has translated into what I've been told is an "old soul" quality. I find it easy to connect with people across the age, class, gender, ability, and racial/ethnic spectrum. The common denominator seems to be a willingness to engage in an open, intellectually and emotionally honest manner. For better or worse, I am utterly incapable of acting like anything other than my true self at all times. Ava is not an act, character, or persona. Rather, she is the embodiment of my truest, most private self. The ability to be this self has given me a sense of freedom and inner peace I could have never imagined, and has enabled me to truly hold space for those who seek me out. Should that become you, and you respect the boundaries of our relationship, you'll find the freedoms and pleasures we can enjoy together to be limitless. Let's discover the ways our stories can combine for the most thrilling of climaxes and satisfying of denouements. 



Quick Facts

Age: 28 Aquarius

Orientation: Bisexual

Sizes: Dress US 2 Bra UK 28G

Height: 5’7

Hair: Dark Brown Pixie

Enhancements/tattoos/piercings: None

Smokes: No

Drinks: Light social drinker

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