Battle of the Bush


Escorting is a fantasy.

That is to say, buying time with an escort is buying time with someone that for whatever reason, would be hard to access otherwise. Maybe you have a crush on the 22 year old tattooed barista who always asks about the book you're reading as she hands you your coffee, but you've been married for 20 years. Perhaps you have desires you feel you can't express, or you have but your partner is not willing or not able to fulfill them. No matter the reason, all who come to see me are looking for connection moreso than a perfectly packaged model. Though I know this there is a cosmetic aspect of myself I've struggled with. 

Having come of age in the era of low rise jeans and string bikinis, I knew pubic hair was socially unacceptable for women long before viewing my first porn clip. Yet as my hair came in it made me feel truly womanly. I liked the softness and the mystery of it and it enhanced my sense or eroticism. 

I've only gone totally bare once. It was actually a couple years before I lost my virginity, I did it purely for curiosity. Well curiosity definitely killed the kitty in this case :P All I achieved was angry, rough black stubble and angrier and itchier red bumps. Turns out my skin is quite sensitive and removing pubic hair actually makes you more susceptible to STIs. I never had total hard wood floors again, though I have waxed a few times since starting as Ava. Every time even with a total professional and aftercare I get razor burn and ingrown hairs. My vag is supposed to look better dammit not less cute! I am officially done waxing and while I've trimmed on occasion it turns out many agree with me on the sexiness of the bush. So I'm pleased to announce it's here to stay! I might trim if I'm bored/feel like it but the soft fluff is not going anywhere. I want to thank everyone who has expressed their enthusiasm for the bush and hope if you wish to see me you aren't deterred by a bit of fluff. For the record I'm certainly not :D