I'm on Squarespace now, Squarespace is cool!

Good morrow my lovelies (and lovers), if you are in Atlanta I hope you have plans to stay nice and dry. Clearly Zeus and Thor are having some kind of spat because it's thundering like mad outside right now. If you are somewhere sunny and warm right now I'm super jelly. 

I've been making a lot of changes recently and you may have (I hope!) noticed I got new photos. I love how they turned out, Alexa of Black Lotus does amazing work and I look forward to shooting with her again soon. However when I emailed my web developer about swapping out my photos (my layout doesn't allow me to do it myself) on my site pages for new ones she took a long time just to get back to me with a quote, and then said it would be up to a month to swap them out. One of her assistants quit and she seems quite overwhelmed, so I looked around and liked the flexibility of Squarespace. The CMS took a bit of getting used to (alas web design is not among my talents), but I really like how it turned out! I hope you all do too, be sure to let me know what you think in the comments or Twitter! I've reposted a couple old blog posts for funsies and am almost done with a new major post that addresses some of the highlights of my first year as a provider (my escortversary is this month). Please enjoy and stay tuned!