Time is Money: Why I'm Requiring Deposits

I used to see a wonderful therapist regularly (every human on the planet can benefit from therapy btw, best investment I've ever made in myself). One day, as I was getting ready to walk out the door to go to my appointment I realized my keys were missing (turns out they were stolen, fun story to ask me about if we meet). Having no way to secure my home, I was forced to tell my therapist I wouldn't be able to make it. She had a cancellation policy, and my credit card on file so she charged me a fee for missing our appointment. It doesn't matter my reason for missing it was totally out of my control, shit happens. However me missing our appointment was a loss of income for her, even with the fee she collected. Think about it: it's totally normal for the professionals in your life, from your doctor to your hairstylist to ask for a cancelation fee/have a CC on file. I paid it happily.

Sadly, the current culture and realities of escorting gives us few options if/when clients choose not to follow through on seeing us, even if we have a cancellation policy in place. Usually the only avenue of recourse we have is blacklisting, which while potentially helpful to the next person he tries to book with, doesn't make up for the loss of income or the lost time. It takes me 2+ hours to get ready for and travel to a date, not including manicures and eyebrow waxes and dog boarding if I'm traveling long distances or have an overnight. There is so much that goes into a date that clients don't see. Which brings me to my next point, aka The Reason Ava Does Anything ;)

At the end of the day, I wish to connect with people on an intimate level. I'm well aware that requiring a deposit, much like my decision to delist from review siteswill likely cause me to lose out on some good clients. It's not the current norm, and there are many choices for companionship. However just because something is the norm doesn't make it the best or only way to go about it. Every provider has to decide her own screening process, rates, boundaries, etc. For me, deciding to require deposits is not just about protecting my income. Even more importantly, it's about insuring the people who I see are those who really want to see ME, and understand the value of my time. I LOVE when I get introduction emails that say you've read my blog or follow me on twitter and something about me resonates. Those make for great dates, and allow me to enjoy being Ava to the fullest. I'm confident this choice will only improve my satisfaction with and quality of my work. Win/win right?

PS: I'd like to give a shoutout to my clients who pay in advance, honor my cancellation policy, tip and make it abundantly clear how much they value me and my time. You rock, and knowing men like you exist is why I'm still here 2 years into this journey. Thank you.